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Technical Acetone (High Grade) GOST 2768-84

Technical Acetone (High Grade) GOST 2768-84
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Product properties

Synonyms Propanone, dimethyl ketone, propanone-2
CAS* 67-64-1
EINECS* 200-662-2
Appearance Flammable, volatile, colorless liquid with a characteristic odor.
Chemical formula C₃H₆O, CH₃-C(O)-CH₃
Product brand High Grade
Standard GOST 2768-84
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application It is used in the production of many solvents and intermediates, in the production of varnishes.
Storage conditions Keep container tightly closed. Store in a well ventilated place.
UN* 1090
Hazard Class 4
Packing group II
Transportation conditions Transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules for the carriage of dangerous goods in force for this mode of transport.
Description Technical Acetone (High Grade) GOST 2768-84
Manufacturer Russian Federation


Property Value Unit
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Mass fraction of acetone 99,92 %
Density 0,790 g/cm3
Mass fraction of water 0,08 %
Mass fraction of methyl alcohol 0,005 %
Mass fraction of acids in terms of acetic acid 0,001 %
Resistance to oxidation with potassium permanganate 4 h