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Ethyl acetate (Grade "A") GOST 8981-78

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Product properties

Synonyms Acetic acid ethyl ester
CAS* 141-78-6
EINECS* 205-500-4
Appearance Colorless volatile liquid with a pleasant fruity odor.
Chemical formula C4H8O2
Product brand Grade A, High Grade
Standard GOST 8981-78
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application It is used in the production of solvents for pigments, resins, paints, colloxylins, mastics, polyester, nitroglyphthalic, polyvinyl acetate varnishes, nitro- and ethylcellulose, various oils, fats, waxes, in the production of fluorescent lamps, photographic film, cellophane, adhesives, rubber products, plastics, vinyl leather , oilcloth, leatherette, bumvinyl, linoleum, in the printing and leather and footwear industry.
Storage conditions In a tightly closed container away from heaters, in a dry, well-ventilated area, protected from direct sunlight and moisture.
UN* 1173
Hazard Class 4
Packing group 2
Transportation conditions It is transported in metal galvanized containers, railway tank cars, drums and boiler trucks, in compliance with the rules for the carriage of dangerous goods.
Description Ethyl acetate (Grade "A") GOST 8981-78


Property Value Unit
Appearance transparent liquid
Chroma 5 Hazena
Density at 20 ° C 0,900 g/cm3
Mass fraction of the main substance 99 %
Mass fraction of acids in terms of acetic acid 0,003 %
Mass fraction of non-volatile residue 0,001 %
Temperature limits of distillation at a pressure of 760 mmHg 95% (by volume) of the product must be 75-78 %
Mass fraction of water 0,1 %
Relative volatility (by ethyl ether) 3
Mass fraction of ethyl alcohol 0,04 %