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Suspension polyvinylchloride (PVC grades -S-7059 M) GOST 14332-78

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Product properties

Synonyms PVC, PVC resin, PVC suspension.
CAS* 9002-86-2
EINECS* 200-831-0
Appearance White powder
Chemical formula (СН2СНСl)n
Product brand Grade PVC-C 7059 M
Standard GOST 14332-78 Rev.1-6
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application It is used in the production of critical plasticized products such as light and heat resistant cable compound, high-strength pipes, linoleum, plasticized film, artificial leather.
Storage conditions Stored in the sheltered premises at a distance of at least 1 m from heaters at a temperature not exceeding 35 ° C and relative humidity not more than 75%, storage is allowed in the storage yards under shelter, excluding direct sunlight and precipitation.
Packing group 9
Transportation conditions Transported by rail and road transport.
Description Suspension polyvinylchloride (PVC grades -S-7059 M) GOST 14332-78
Manufacturer Russian Federation


Property Value Unit
colour White powder
the amount of contamination and foreign substances, no more 6 шт
The number of transparent dots (fish eye) in 0.1 cm3, no more 2 шт
CF value 70-73
Bulk density 0,45 - 0,55 g/cm3
The residue after sieving on a sieve with mesh No. 0315, no more absence %
The remainder after sieving on a sieve with mesh No. 0063, not less than 95 %
Flowability, no more 20 сек
Mass of plasticizer absorption, g per 100 g of PVC, not less 24
Thermal stability of the film at 160 ° C, min, not less 10 °С
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, no more 0,3 %
Mass fraction of BX, million-1, no more 10
Specific volumetric electrical resistance at 20 ° C after exposure in distilled water 7.7*10^13 °С