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Synthetic latex (SKS-65GP) GOST 10564-75

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Product properties

Appearance White opaque liquid
Product brand СКС-65ГП
Standard GOST 10564-75 Rev. 1-3
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application For the manufacture of water-based paints, in light industry, paper industry, in production of building materials.
Storage conditions Stored in closed containers, previously cleaned of foreign substances at a temperature of +7°C.
Description Synthetic latex (SKS-65GP) GOST 10564-75


Property Value Unit
Mass fraction of dry matter 47,1 %
Mass fraction of unpolymerized styrene 0,07 %
рН 11
Surface tension Respond мН/м
Mass fraction of volatile hydrocarbons C2-C4 0,02 %
Mass fraction of coagulum, no more 0,1 %
Stability in the presence of pigment while stirring for 2 hours No lumps
Appearance of the film Transparent colorless