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Dioctylphthalate (High Grade) GOST 8728-88

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Product properties

Synonyms Dioctyl Phthalic Acid
CAS* 117-81-7
EINECS* 204-211-0
Appearance Colorless viscous liquid
Chemical formula CH3(CH2)7OOC(CH2)8COO(CH2)7CH3
Product brand High Grade
Standard GOST 8728-88 Rev.1
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application For plasticization of vinyl resins and other polymers in the production of cable compounds, artificial leather, rubber products, polymer building materials.
Storage conditions In storage areas, dioctyl phthalate should be kept in a dry and ventilated place.
Hazard Class 6
Transportation conditions Transported by all modes of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods in force for this mode of transport.
Description Dioctylphthalate (High Grade) GOST 8728-88
Manufacturer Russian Federation


Property Value Unit
Appearance Transparent liquid GOST 8728
Chromaticity on the platinum-cobalt scale, no more 12 unit. Hazen
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 0,984 °C
Acid number, no more 0,02 mg KOH/g
Saponification number 287 mg KOH/g
Flash point, not lower 225 °C
Specific volumetric electrical resistance, not less than 3,8х10⁻¹¹ Ohms*cm
Mass fraction of volatile substances, no more 0,04 %