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Titan Dioxide (R 298) Import

Manufacturer: Anhui Feiyan Pigment Co., Ltd. Remainder in stock: By demand
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Product properties

Synonyms Pigment Titan Dioxide
CAS* 13463-67-7
EINECS* 236-675-5
Appearance White substance
Chemical formula TiO2
Product brand R-298
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application It is used as a pigment in the paint industry, in the production of paper, synthetic fibers, plastics, rubber products, ceramic dielectrics, white enamel, heat-resistant and optical glass, food, medicines and cosmetics.
Storage conditions Stored in sheltered warehouses at ambient temperature from minus 40 to plus 40 °C. Storage of packaged product in the storage yard or under shelter is not allowed. It is allowed to store the product packed in soft special containers in open areas.
UN* 2546
Hazard Class -
Packing group -
Transportation conditions -
Description Titan Dioxide (R 298) Import


Property Value Unit
TiO2 content ≥93,5 %
Whiteness 95 %
Evaporation at 105 °C ≤0,5 °С
Oil capacity ≤19
Residue on the sieve (45 microns) ≤0,02 (45 microns)
Dilution capacity (REYNOLDS), not less than ≥1920
Rutile content ≥98
Dispersion ≥6,50