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Hydrogen peroxide.

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Product properties

Synonyms Hydrogen peroxide.
CAS* 7722-84-1
EINECS* 231-765-0
Appearance Hydrogen peroxide.
Chemical formula H2O2
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture.
Application It is used as a bleach, disinfectant, serves as a catalyst in the chemical industry, as an antiseptic for disinfection of water in swimming pools.
Storage conditions Store in a container equipped with a valve in a dark, cool place. It is allowed to store it in open areas equipped with a canopy that excludes direct sunlight, in storage tanks with an isothermal device that ensures the temperature of the product is not higher than +30 and not lower than -30 degrees.
UN* 2014
Hazard Class 5
Packing group II
Transportation conditions Transportation is carried out in a tank equipped with a valve. They are transported in covered railway and motor vehicles in accordance with the Rules of Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
Description Hydrogen peroxide.
Country China


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