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Antimony Trioxide

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Product properties

Synonyms Antimony(III) oxide
CAS* 1309-64-4
Appearance White Powder
Chemical formula Sb2O3
Standard ТS 48-14-1-88
Shelf life Two years from the date of manufacture
Hazard Class 2
Description Antimony Trioxide


Property Value Unit
Appearance White powder
Mass fraction of antimony trioxide, %, not less 98,7 %
Mass fraction of iron, %, no more 0,004 %
Mass fraction of iron, %, no more 0,09 %
Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more 0,1 %
Mass fraction of sulfur, %, no more 0,02 %
Mass fraction of the residue insoluble in acids, %, no more 0,1 %
Balance on the grid
No. 014K, %, no more 0,05 %
No. 0045K, %, no more 0,1 %