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Sodium Hydroxide (TR) Import

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Product properties

Synonyms Caustic soda, technical sodium hydroxide, hydrate of sodium, sodium hydrate, sodium hydroxide, sodium alkali.
CAS* 1310-73-2
EINECS* 215-185-5
Appearance White mass of flakes
Chemical formula NaOH
Product brand TP (solid mercury)
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application It is used in the processes of organic synthesis, in the refining of petroleum products, in the textile industry in the production of viscose silk and in the bleaching of fabrics, in the paper and aniline industries, in soap making, in the production of aluminum and metallic sodium, soluble glass, alkaline batteries, Trilon B.
Storage conditions Stored in tight packaging in dry, unheated warehouses.
UN* 1824
Hazard Class 2
Packing group II
Transportation conditions It is transported by road, rail and water transport in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods established for this mode of transport.
Description Sodium Hydroxide (TR) Import
Country Islamic Republic Of Iran


Property Value Unit
Purity of Sodium Hydroxide Min 98.5 %W
Carbonate as Na2CO3 Max 0.3 %W
Chloride as NaCl Max 0.015 mg/Kg
Sulfate as Na2SO4 Max 0.0045 %W
Silicate as SiO2 Max 0.01 %W
Fe Max 15 mg/Kg
Insoluble in water Nil %W
Aluminum Nil mg/Kg
Heavy metals as Pb Nil mg/Kg
Hg Nil mg/Kg
As Nil mg/Kg
Appearance White color