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Caustic Soda (RD) GOST 55064

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Product properties

Synonyms Caustic soda, technical sodium hydroxide, hydrate of sodium, sodium hydrate, sodium hydroxide, sodium alkali.
CAS* 1310-73-2
EINECS* 215-185-5
Appearance Colorless or colored liquid. A crystallized precipitate is allowed.
Chemical formula NaOH
Product brand RD (solution, diaphragm grade)
Standard GOST 55064-2012
Shelf life One year from the date of manufacture
Application It is used in the processes of organic synthesis, in the refining of petroleum products, in the textile industry in the production of viscose silk and in the bleaching of fabrics, in the paper and aniline industries, in soap making, in the production of aluminum and metallic sodium, soluble glass, alkaline batteries, Trilon B.
Storage conditions Solution of technical caustic soda should be kept in closed containers made of a material resistant to alkalis. The packaged product is stored in unheated warehouses.
UN* 1824
Hazard Class 2
Packing group 2;3
Transportation conditions Transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules for the carriage of dangerous goods in force for this mode of transport.
Description Caustic Soda (RD) GOST 55064


Property Value Unit
Appearance Бесцветная жидкость
Mass fraction of sodium hydroxide, not less than 46,0 %
Mass fraction of sodium chloride, no more 3,0 %
Mass fraction of sodium carbonate, no more 0,6 %
Mass fraction of iron, no more 0,007 %
Mass fraction of sodium chlorate, no more 0,25 %