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Normal Technical Butyl Alcohol (High grade) GOST 5208-2013

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Product properties

Synonyms Butanol-1, normal butanol
CAS* 71-36-3
EINECS* 200-751-6
Appearance Colorless viscous liquid with a characteristic odor.
Chemical formula C4H10O
Product brand Grade A
Standard GOST 5208-2013
Shelf life Three years from the date of manufacture
Application As a solvent in the paint industry, in production of resins and plasticizers (dibutyl phthalate, tributyl phosphate).
Storage conditions In specially equipped metal tanks.
UN* 1120
Hazard Class 3
Packing group 3
Transportation conditions Rail tank cars with top or bottom discharge, tank trucks.
Description Normal Technical Butyl Alcohol (High grade) GOST 5208-2013
Manufacturer Russian Federation


Property Value Unit
Mass fraction of butyl alcohol, not less than 99,4 %
Chromaticity on the platinum-cobalt scale, no more 10 в единицах Хазена
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 0.809-0.811 °C
Bromine number, g of bromine per 100 g of alcohol, no more 0.02 g
Mass fraction of acids in terms of acetic acid, no more 0.003 %
Mass fraction of carbonyl compounds in terms of oil aldehyde, no more 0.06 %
Mass fraction of water, no more 0.1 %
Mass fraction of non-volatile residue, no more 0.0025 %