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Thermal Phosphoric Acid (Grade A - Food grade) GOST 10678-76

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Product properties

Synonyms Phosphoric Acid
CAS* 7664-38-2
Appearance Transparrent colorless liquid
Chemical formula H3PO4
Standard GOST 10678-76 as amended No. 1,2,3,4,5,6
Shelf life Six months from the date of manufacture
Application It is used in the food industry and medicine, mainly for the manufacture of soft drinks, medicines and dental cements.
Storage conditions It is stored in steel lined closed containers, as well as in bottles, canisters and containers that were used for transportation.
Hazard Class 2
Transportation conditions Thermal Phosphoric Acid is transported by rail and road in accordance with the rules for the carriage of dangerous goods in force for this mode of transport.
Description Thermal Phosphoric Acid (Grade A - Food grade) GOST 10678-76
Country Kazakhstan
Manufacturer Kazakhstan


Property Value Unit
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Mass fraction of orthophosphoric acid H3PO4, not less 74,6 %
Mass fraction of chlorides (Cl), no more 0,001 %
Mass fraction of sulfates (SO4), no more 0,0058 %
Mass fraction of nitrates (NO3), no more 0,00013 %
Mass fraction of iron (Fe), no more 0,0012 %
Mass fraction of heavy metals (Pb) of the hydrogen sulfide group, no more 0,0002 %
Mass fraction of arsenic (As), no more 0,00002 %
The mass fraction of reducing substances in terms of (H3PO4), not more than 0,016 %
The presence of metaphosphoric acid NPO3 absent
Mass fraction of suspended particles, no more absent %
Mass fraction of yellow phosphorus, no more absent %