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Synthetic Technical Phenol GOST 23519-93

Synthetic Technical Phenol GOST 23519-93
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Product properties

Synonyms Hydroxybenzene, Carbolic Acid
CAS* 108-95-2
EINECS* 203-632-7
Appearance Colorless needle-shaped crystals, discolored to pink in the air, with a characteristic odor.
Chemical formula С6Н5ОН
Standard GOST 23519-93
Shelf life Six months from the date of manufacture
Application It is used for the manufacture of plastics, phenol-formaldehyde resins, artificial fibers such as caprone and nylon, as well as various antioxidants. In addition, phenol is used for the production of plasticizers, additives for oils, and is one of the components that make up plant protection products.
Storage conditions In tight stainless steel, chromium-nickel steel, zinc-plated carbon steel or carbon steel tanks, and in solid aluminum tanks.
UN* 1671
Hazard Class 2
Packing group 2
Transportation conditions Transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the Rules for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods in force for this mode of transport.
Description Synthetic Technical Phenol GOST 23519-93
Manufacturer Russian Federation


Property Value Unit
Appearance White crystalline substance
Crystallization temperature 40,80 °С
Mass fraction of non-volatile residue 0,0009 %
Optical density of an aqueous solution of phenol 0,02 °С
The chromaticity of the phenol melt on the platinum-cobalt scale 3 Hazena
Mass fraction of water 0,023 %
Mass fraction of the sum of organic impurities 0,007 %
Mass fraction of mesityl oxide absent %
Mass fraction of α-methylstyrene and isopropylbenzene absent %