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Nitric Acid (Non-concentrated) TS RB 500036524.109-2004

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Product properties

Synonyms Nitric acid technical non-concentrated.
CAS* 7697-37-2
Appearance Transparent slightly yellowish liquid.
Chemical formula HNO3
Standard TS RB 500036524.109-2004
Shelf life Six months from the date of manufacture
Application For the production of mineral fertilizers and as an oxidizing agent in chemical processes during pickling of metals, for the preparation of solutions for washing process equipment in accordance with the veterinary and sanitary rules for washing and disinfecting industrial and amenity premises, equipment, vehicles, inventory and containers in the production of milk and dairy products .
Storage conditions Stored in tight containers made of acid-resistant materials, in drums, bottles or other types of containers made of acid-resistant materials, in sheltered premises intended for toxic substances at a temperature not exceeding 40°C.
UN* 2031
Hazard Class 3
Packing group II
Transportation conditions Transported in covered vehicles in steel, plastic and glass containers. They shall be tight. The temperature inside shall not exceed 40°C.
Description Nitric Acid (Non-concentrated) TS RB 500036524.109-2004


Property Value Unit
Appearance Transparent yellowish liquid
Mass fraction of nitric acid, not less than 60,10 %
Mass fraction of nitrogen oxides (in terms of N2O4), no more 0,004 %
Mass fraction of the residue after calcination, no more 0,0018 %